About Us

Who We Are

This congregation had its beginnings in 1840. For the first several years they met in various places, but the church began to build a new building to assemble in during 1898. This facility served their needs until 1941 when they bought a building from the Methodist on the corner of Second and Maple. The church met in that facility until 2001.

December of 2001 was a very exciting time for the church. That is when the congregation began to worship in the new facility that had just been built at the intersection of Highway 101 and 31-E. This marked the beginning of a new phase in the long life of this congregation.

For over 150 years, this congregation has preached the same message of the cross. God’s word and nothing else continues to be taught to all those who attend. But over the years there have been changes in locations and facilities. Our current building is just another example of God blessing the hard work of this church to meet the needs of a growing town and a growing congregation.